The Big Bag - 5 Pounds of BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn

What better gift can you get for your co-workers, family or friends?  Nothing!  Surprise them with The World's Most Powerful CAFFEINE INFUSED Popcorn!  They will thank you for it and hopefully share some with you!

Just how BIG is this thing?  Take a look at the picture - that's our old regular sized bag sitting right up against this Big Daddy of Caffeinated Corn.  It's BIG!  It's Heavy!  It's AWESOME!

With over 70 servings per bag and more than 2,000mg of caffeine, this one is made for sharing.  

Perfect for:

- The office

- The Super Bowl

- The big party you're throwing

- Any time you need 5 POUNDS of caffeinated popcorn!  Which is quite often, right?


Save over 20% by buying in bulk!


We've had to put a serious warning on this bag due to the extreme caffeine content:

Warning: Contains caffeine & kernels, please consult your physician before consuming.  Keep out of reach of children. This bag is not designed to be consumed by a single person. Do not eat entire contents in a single 24hr period.

BioFuel XL Caffeinated Popcorn - The Big Bag
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